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Eufy Pet Water Fountain -White

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    A 5-tiered filtration system whisks away any impurities so you never have to worry about your pet getting sick while taking a sip of water.

    Watch your pet drink with ease with an ergonomically curved bowl angled at 20° that avoids discomfort.

    Sleep peacefully while the long-lasting water pump runs at a gentle 30 dB.

    Accidental drops won’t damage the BPA-free material, ensuring your dog or cat stays healthy with every sip of water.

    Braided Cable Keeps Pets Safe Your bundle of fur may like to chew, scratch, or tug, but they’ll stay protected thanks to the braided power cable.

    1. 5-Stage Water Filteration
    2. 20 Degrees Precisely Curved Head

    1. Unique Waterway Design
    2. Splash-proof

    1. Perfect for Pet Owners
    2. Ensure Healthy Water for your pet.

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