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Baseus Cylinder Slide-cover Waterproof Bag Pro Black

Brand: Baseus SKU: FMYT000001

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    5 layers sealed without leaking a drop of water
    Fully transparent TPU, high-definition and translucent, not easy to yellow, does not block the camera, and takes pictures more clearly
    The touch screen is sensitive, and the underwater phone can be unlocked without obstacles.
    The barrel is embedded with a cotton lanyard
    Adjustable buckle design, length of the lanyard by yourself
    Waterproof sealing strip fixing groove, not easy to slide
    Simple installation, practical and convenient
    Material PC+TPU+cotton
    Size: 212x110mm
    lanyard length: 380mm

    1. Five-layer sealing design
    2. IPX8 waterproof

    1. Built-in lanyard design
    2. Touch screen sensitivity

    1. Comfortable to wear for a long time
    2. Suitable for mobile phones under 7.2 inches

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