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EPEIOS EPCO800 Cold Brew Coffee Maker 350ml - Grey

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    The latest model of EPEIOS "HummingBird" series
    Built-in mechanism that can quickly & efficiently extract coffee powder from coffee powder by repeating pressurization and depressurization.
    This extraction method not only shortens the time but also extracts the ingredients firmly, overcoming the "light taste" peculiar to watering.
    Suggest using 20g medium-grind coffee beans and 200 ml water.
    Not all tea is good for cold brewing. To brew efficiently, our top pick is a non-fermented or very light fermented tea (for example, green tea, Oolong tea, Jasmine Green, and Longjing) while fully-fermented tea such as Puer tea or black tea is rarely used.

    1. Cold Brew in 10 Min
    2. Vacuum Extraction Technology

    1. Detached Design
    2. Modern Magnetic  Charging

    1. Enjoy a refreshing & rapid cold brew anywhere, anytime
    2. Handy & Portable Size

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